t-sips is a leading exporter of all varieties of Pure Ceylon Tea. Established in 1989, the company produces a wide range of the world’s most popular beverage in the form of tea bags, packets and in bulk quantities. In addition, we market an assortment of value added specialty teas such as flavored teas, fruit teas and herbal teas packed in very attractive printed aluminum canisters. Since our debut in this sector, Expolanka Teas has seen rapid growth to be one of the top ten exporters in the country since year 2005.


Brewing the perfect cup of tea from loose
leaves is simple and straightforward. There is
no right or wrong way per say. Feel free to
experiment and let your palate be the guide.


Black Tea

This golden brew is created from the finest single estate tea. Hand-plucked and naturally processed, our Ceylon Black Tea is an outstanding example of why Ceylon Tea is referred to as the best in the world.

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Green Tea

Crafted to perfection, our pure Ceylon green tea is full of earthy goodness. Jade in colour with a subtle taste and aroma, our Classic Green Tea is the perfect cup for anytime of day.

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Herbal Tea

Tangy hibiscus blends seamlessly with rosehip and natural strawberry pieces in this sublime brew. Balanced to perfection with a vibrant red hue, this blend is sure to become a favourite.

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